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Leila Myers
Angela Linton
Ramsey Shuck

Important Dates

Student Services Staff

Leila Myers
Department Head
Guidance Counsellor (A-I)

✉️   📞 x2010

Shawna Adams
Educational Assistant
✉️   📞 x2051

Robert Bevan
Educational Assistant
✉️   📞 x2060

Aaron Blakely
Dual Support Program Teacher

✉️  📞 x2072

Eric Buschlen
Career Studies Teacher
  📞 x2063

Paula Chang
Career Studies Teacher   🌎 Website
✉️  📞 x2066

David Holl
Dual Support Program Teacher✉️   📞 x2088

Cathi Knowles

Student Success Teacher
✉️   📞 x2119

Angela Linton
Student Success Lead Teacher
Guidance Counsellor (J-M)
✉️   📞 x2011

Zachary Logue
Career Studies Teacher
✉️  📞 x2092

Angus McCabe
Career Studies Teacher
✉️  📞 x2097

Mike Middleton
Career Studies Teacher✉️  📞 x2128

Rachael Miller
Educational Assistant
✉️   📞 x2103

Sue Olthof

Cooperative Education Teacher
✉️   📞 x2017

Claudia Ortiz
Guidance Assistant
✉️   📞 x2012

Daniela Petretta

Career Studies Teacher
✉️  📞 x2058

Lizlyn Porras
Educational Assistant
✉️   📞 x2111

Amy Ruff

Learning Support Teacher
✉️   📞 x2114

Ramsey Shuck

Guidance Counsellor (N-Z)
✉️   📞 x2009

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